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Project Overview

Glide is a soul-soothing app that enables users to transcend the limits of time and space, connecting with people worldwide. Through anonymously sharing photos of the sky, it offers a sense of calm amidst the restlessness often induced by social media. Everyone can find a tranquil refuge in the shared skies, fostering a distant yet close companionship.

4 months
July 2022 - May 2023
My Role
Individual Work
UX Researcher
UX Designer
GUI Designer
Interaction Designer
Social disconnection during the pandemic
Initial Problem Discovery

Students feel disconnected and isolated during the social distancing of Covid-19 pandemic, leading to mental health illnesses.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented strategy of "social distancing" emerged, which is crucial to curbing the spread of the virus. However, it has also come with significant costs. Research indicates that many individuals have experienced profound feelings of social isolation and loneliness during this period, which could lead to serious mental and physical health consequences.

聯合國民調_工作區域 1.png

-A recent survey conducted by UNICEF revealed that the COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on the mental health of adolescents.

What trigger's people's feeling of isolation
Initial Problem Discovery

To understand the current challenges of our users, we did in-depth background research, including 24 survey respondents and 7 interviewees. Most of them experienced accumulation of stress from increase usage of social media, and lack of outdoors activities to relief stress.

Frame 729.png

Lack of outdoors activities.

                              Students experienced sudden decrease of time on outdoors activities, feeling anxious and depressed with stress building up.


Frame 730.png

Social anxiety caused by social media.

                              Students seek for sense of connection with others through social media. However, resulting in increased social anciety and imental stress.



How can we create a form of communication that transcends time and space, allowing us to interact with others without the anxieties and pressures of social media?

Peek into the solution
An interactional app that helps people socialize with others in a healing way.

We designed an app so students can bridge connections with others around the world, even when they couldn't meet physically. This app initiates socialization without over interfering one's balanced lifestyle. The following specific features help bring out the creativity in students' self identification and curiosity to explore and communicate with others in different environments.


Capture New Skies

Users can acquire new skies by capturing their favorite gliders in interactive games, discovering new horizons!


003 (2).png
003 (3).png
003 (1).png

Customize Glider

After uploading the sky photos, users can customize their glider and travel the world according to their preferences. The app provides multiple customizations for users to express their sense of identity in the online world.


Receive Skies & Create Unique Albums

Users will receive an anonymous photo of a sky from anywhere around the world each day. To keep track of all of the skies, users can create albums according to their prefered genres.



Revieve Messages from Worldwide

The sender of the sky can receive surprising messages from  people who recieved their picture of skies. The map view allows users to pin point the places where they send/recieved pictures of the sky to/from, as a way to keep track of their jouney.

What do people need? : Meet Emily, our student adapting distance learning
Behavioral Archetype

Countless students like Emily are forced to adapt to the sudden change of distance learning from home. Many of them struggle to maintain close relationships with their friends. Thus, spending excessive amount of time on social media to seek connection with others. Resulting in increased social anxiety and fear of missing out.

Frame 678.png
Navigating Social Anxiety under COVID-19...
User Journey mapping

Emily represents individuals who were significantly impacted by the social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her story highlights the challenges of adapting to virtual interactions, managing FOMO, and the difficulties to adjust to the new life style. This allows me to understand the pain points throughout the process and plot out the necessary design solutions.

Frame 45.png
Designing new ways to sonnect with others
Information architecture of the app

The information architecture comprises of 4 major domains aimed to bring out process of receiving and sending out skies - Home, Upload, Gallery, and Profile. The user flow is designed to enhance interconnectedness between each domain and simplifying the experience for user.

Flow chart (Community).png
Journey through the application
Design Solutions

To build from the insights generated in user scenarios, we started ideating on potential features that can help us encourage healthy communications for people under stress of social distancing.


We explored 3 major features:

Frame 701.png
Frame 702.png
Frame 703.png
Improving the flow and experience
Mid Fidelity prototype

Based on research and conclusions, I began sketching out the main functional interfaces of Glide. I optimized the design to improve the user flow and simplify the user experience. This process also allowed me to analyze whether the hierarchy of each function in the interface arrangement is in line with usability. I then refined the final mid-fi prototype in Figma.

Submit photos/videos - Users can upload photos/videos directly from their phone albums or take an instant photo/video to start. After custpmizing their glider, they will be sent off to an approximate direction to a random destination.

Frame 711.png
Frame 713.png

Save skies and send messages - This feature allows users to create albums and collect the skies that they like. At the same time, providing the opportunity to send an anonymous message to the photographer.

Frame 718.png
Frame 719.png
Frame 716.png
Frame 715.png
Frame 717.png

Glider tracker - Users can track where their glider is heading for once they have chosen their traveling direction. The map view shows an overview of all the gliders that are currently traveling and their approximate arrival time.


Create postcards - Users can create postcards from their favorite skies to share with friends and familes. Or simply print them out for collection.

Frame 724.png
Frame 720.png
Frame 721.png
Frame 722.png
Frame 723.png
Frame 726.png
Character Concept Design
Visual Design

During this phase, I started sketching out the avatar character representing the users, connecting the core values of the app from the user's perspective with elements of the avatar. Even during the pandemic, I wanted to give users a sense of excitement to travel around the world, so I decided to create a glider as the user avatar for Glide, embodying an image of freedom, relaxation, and vitality.

image0 (3).png
Scenery Design
Visual Design

In order to facilitate a smoother immersion into the context, I designed the app’s scenery with a narrative approach. I created a world view centered around a grand canyon, combining the avatar’s attributes of the glider to convey a sense of adventurous freedom. This concept will also be further extended in the future UI design of the app.

Visual Brand and Identity
Visual Design

I chose a refreshing and energetic color palette and created simple components to comprehend with the theme of the design. Further on implemented to the final prototype of the app design to bring out its essence.

Frame 667.png
Frame 671.png
Frame 669.png
Frame 672.png
Frame 670.png
Reflecting back
Highlights of the design
Frame 728-1.png
Frame 728.png
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